Sunday, May 14, 2006

Remodeling the park.

Currently there are plans by the city to renovate Washington Square Park, and essentially shut it down for an extensive amount of time. While there is evidence that the water pipes in the fountain need some help, there are more than a few questions that arise. The first two that come to mind: One: in the process of fixing the water system, they plan on remodeling, is it worth it, what is wrong with the way it is?; and two: where will all the people go while the work is in progress? WSP is a park for the people of the west village, there is no other like it around which allow so many people of different demographics to commune.

There was one prior attempt to redesign the park, this is from the website, " "In 1964, plans to redesign the park surfaced with much controversy between the "traditionalist" residents and the "modernist" Park Commissioner. Esteemed West Village residents, such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Jane Jacobs, believed that the Park Commissioner's plans for renovation would violate the park's natural character, and that the park needed simple renovations in keeping with its unique and quaint style. Most importantly, Jacobs and the other dissidents felt that the park had to be closed off to automobile traffic to preserve it as a respite from urban life, and create an unbroken promenade surrounding it. Eventually the Parks Commissioner agreed to the residents’ wishes."

We invite comments on this topic, as the idea invites controversy. Also check out: for more information.


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Great blog! It is terrific to see more activist knitters coming out into public view. When I first started my activist knitting website at, there weren't very many others around. But this year we've been popping up all over the place. I'm adding your blog to my daily reading list.

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